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Also, check out the Book Series page.  These are the books we have read that are in a series.  There are quite a few, so we made a separate page!

  • Bad Boy - Olivia Goldsmith - 2/11/01-2/14/01

  • A Painted House - John Grisham - 2/8/01-2/10/01

  • The Cat Who Smelled a Rat -Lilian Jackson Braun - 2/1/01-2/5-01

  • Stormqueen! - Marion Zimmer Bradley - 1/16/01-1/22/01

  • Knight of the Sacred Lake - Rosalind Miles - 1/11/01-1/16/01

  • From the Corner of His Eye - Dean Koontz - 1/4/01-1/11/01
    Dean Koontz has written an unusual book that will capture your attention with the beginning and hold it tight until the end. Setting the book in 1965, Koontz weaves back and forth between three separate story lines, the only link between the people seems to be a sermon by a Baptist minister broadcast over the radio in that year. The wife-killer, the police detective, the pie lady and her brothers who talk of nothing but disasters past and present, the artist, the doctor, the children, mysticism and evil all take their place in the continuing drama that culminates with a shattering conclusion. You'll want to read every word of this well-crafted book. Reviewed by Karen, Morrison Regional Library

  • Guenevere: Queen of the Summer Country - Rosalind Miles

  • The Talented Mr. Ripley - Patricia Highsmith

  • The Cat Who... Series - Lilian Jackson Braun,

  • Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich

  • Timeline - Michael Crichton - Crichton's ability to skillfully blend pure science and fantasy has always been evident in his past bestsellers. He does it again here in Timeline. A group of medieval historians unwittingly become the victims of quantum technology: an explosive new device manufactured by their financier. Using an exotic time travel machine, they are catapulted back to fourteenth century France to save a hapless professor, accidentally transported. Their romantic views of medieval life are soon obliterated when they confront the brutality and grim circumstances common to those times. Action-packed and true to detail, Crichton masterfully weaves 21st century megatechnology with 14th century knights extraordinaire - a fun read, particularly for those whose tastes run to Camelot!Reviewed by Rosanne, Morrison Regional Library

  • False Memory - Dean Koontz - Don't read this if you like your stories predictable. The latest in Koontz' long line of page-turners is bone-chillingly scary. Autophobia (fear of oneself) envelops poor Martie Rhodes in a flash, causing her to believe she is losing her mind. Besides helping her best friend, Susan, deal with agoraphobia (a fear of open spaces), she is also dealing with an irrational fear of doing something horrid and unspeakable to the very person she loves most, her husband, Dusty. He too becomes enmeshed in the throes of a presence that permeates their lives. Careening out of control, Martie and Dusty ride a horror-filled roller coaster in which the denouement demonstrates again Koontz' superb ability to raise nail biting to an art form. Reviewed by Rosanne, Morrison Regional Library

  • The Silent Miaow - Paul Gallico

  • Left Behind Series - Tim F. Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins

  • The Lion's Game - Nelson Demille - Plum Island's John Corey is back in action as a contract agent with the Federal government's Anti-Terrorist Task Force, Mid-East division. Corey and his partner Kate Mayfield travel coast to coast desperate to catch the "lion" before he makes his final attack. The "lion" is a Libyan terrorist whose game is murder, with revenge upon an unknowing nation his motive. His actions befit his name as he continually exhibits the instincts, blood lust, and speed of a crazed lion as he criss-crosses the nation. While the size of this DeMille book might intimidate you, the story moves very fast and is easy to read. This all too real work of fiction sends chills down your spine and will keep you turning pages.Reviewed by Jennifer, Law Library

  • Plum Island - Nelson Demille

  • Harry Potter Series - J. K. Rowling

  • The Brethren - John Grisham - Start with three judges (the Brethren), confined to a minimum-security prison in Florida, who sort out legal problems within the prison. Mix in a sad-sack lawyer helping the Brethren with a mail scam they've developed. Then add the CIA Director who is manipulating to rebuild our military strength. The Brethren's plan is working out nicely with money coming in, and then they get the wrong person caught in their little scheme. What you get is a page-turner as these segments intersect, creating a story with the fast-flowing excitement of The Firm. A fun, quick read! Reviewed by Susan, Main Library

  • The Testament - John Grisham - Grisham's new novel veers away from the legal thriller and delves into the spiritual. Bitter, eccentric, self-made billionaire, Troy Phelan takes revenge on his greedy progeny by committing suicide. He has bequeathed his mega-millions to a neglected daughter, Rachel Lane, who has relinquished worldly pleasures to be a missionary serving a semi-prehistoric tribe of South American Indians. Nate O'Riley, the hard-drinking, undisciplined, and emotionally unstable attorney, searches for Rachel in the depths of the rainforest and tries to coerce her to claim her fortune. With an exotic backdrop, Grisham weaves a superb tale of greed, rivalries, spiritual awakening, and ultimate revelation. Reviewed by Rosanne, Morrison Regional Library

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