6th Sense - A scene from the movie
- How to be annoying in your spare time
Answers - Strange answers given to various test questions
Armstrong - Supposed true story about Neil Armstrong
- An actual job application
Badtimes - Computer virus hoax
Blind Date - 50 fun things to do on a blind date
Book - Revolutionary new invention
Cat - Cat Bathing as a martial art
Caught! - What guys can say when caught looking at another girl
Chicken - Why did the chicken cross the road?
Chocolate - 20 reasons why chocolate is better than sex
Creation - The real story of creation
- Darwin Award: What can happen at work if you're not careful
Driving - Actual answers on a driving test
Elevator - 50 fun things to do in an elevator
Essay - Don't you wish your college essay looked like this??
Exam - What to do on an exam when you know you will fail
Florida Ballot - I don't see what they're complaining about!!!
- A great holiday recipe for a fruitcake
Insurance - People and what they claimed happened in their car accidents
Kenny - 101 ways to kill Kenny (South Park)
Library - Actual questions asked in a library
Mouse Balls
- An actual memo regarding the mouse for a computer
New Car - Darwin Award: What can happen with 2 idiots, and a brand new car
Proverbs - 1st graders finish everyday proverbs
Restroom - 50 fun things to do in a public restroom
Shaker - Experience what it's like to live in California through your web browser
Star Wars - The top ten sexually suggestive lines in each movie
Tech Support - See what tech support has to deal with?
Technical Glossary - The meaning behind the words we hear in the office
Telemarketers - How to handle telemarketers
Toys R Us - Top reasons to be fired from Toys R Us
Trick or Treat - 10 reasons why trick or treating is better than sex
Warning Labels - Yes, these are real...
- How to keep the workplace wacky


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