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Welcome to our home Isis!
On June 27th, 2001 we got our second "kid" - Isis.  Isis is a 10 week-old kitten we adopted from the Seattle Animal Shelter.  She's a bundle of energy ... until bed time!  She fit right in with our family - as soon as she was tired she hopped up on the couch with Nathan and watched a little TV as she fell asleep.  Isis was the runt of her litter, so she's really small (see how her compared to Nathan's hand).  She only weighs 2lbs-4ozs and her body is just as long as Dizzy!  In case you didn't know, "Isis" is the Supreme Goddess from Egyptian mythology.
The first couple pictures are the cookies we got from Nathan's office right after his knee surgery.  They were huge sugar cookies with colored frosting - just like when we were kids (key word 'were')!  AWESOME!

Animal Animal Isis01 Isis02
Animal Cookies.jpg Animal Cookies c... Isis01.jpg Isis02.jpg
Isis03 Isis04 Isis05 Isis06
Isis03.jpg Isis04.jpg Isis05.jpg Isis06.jpg
Isis07 Isis08 Isis09 Isis-Dizzy1
Isis07.jpg Isis08.jpg Isis09.jpg Isis-Dizzy1.jpg

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