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THE Fishing Trip
These are from our Gulf Stream fishing trip in July 2000 while we were on vacation south of Myrtle Beach, SC.  We caught a bunch of big fish trolling, and while we were bottom fishing Alicea caught a 6lb 5.4oz Queen Triggerfish - a SC State and WORLD RECORD!!!

Alicea reeling in her trophy

HOLY COW!!!  That's huge!

THIS is a WORLD RECORD Queen Triggerfish!!!  We can prove it...visit

An excerpt from "the photo shoot"

Me....and my Tuna!

Here's just PART of our take (6 people): 2 tuna, 1 king mackerel, 4 dolphin (mahi mahi).  We also took in a bunch of vermilion snapper, triggerfish, a barracuda, and a HUGE remora (suckerfish - this one was about 4ft long!)

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