• People We Know...

  • Computer Related Sites...

    • Gateway 2000 - One of the greatest computer manufacturers in the world!

    • CNET - One of the Net's better sites dealing with the wonderful world of computers.

    • PCMag - Need info on the world of PC's?

    • Windows95.com - Need a quick shareware dosage for Windows?

  • Reference (like you came here trying to study - HA!)...

    • Intellicast - Find out whether or not it will weather (if you are here in Greenville, NC, it will rain - trust us, we know)

    • ESPN Get the latest from the sports world from ESPN

    • MS Investor - A great site to find out about what the markets are doing, and whether you are still solvent!

    • MapsOnUs - Can you figure this one out, or do we need to spell it out four ewe?

  • 'Shameless Commerce Division'...

    • Music Boulevard - One of the best music stores in the world, and it's online!

    • Amazon.com - Looking for a book?   Any book?  They're all here!

    • CarPoint - Need a car?  Just drooling?


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