Live, from our home in Issaquah, Washington ... it's

This will open up a window with the cam image in it.

  • There is a script on the cam page that checks for a new cam image every 5 seconds or so (new image is sent to the server every 5 seconds). The image size is 640x480 and each image is about 37KB.  If you happen to get no image in the window or part of an image, just refresh the window (or wait 5 seconds) - you were updating your view while the image was being updated on the server.
  • Dizzy may not be on her cage ... she likes to walk over to the couch (which is the other side of the living room from her cage) and hang out with us, or she may be outside with Alicea taking a bath, or in the office with Nathan attempting to help type, etc. etc.
  • The date/time at the bottom of the picture is Pacific time!
  • The web cam does a GREAT job of picking up an image with even the smallest amount of light in the room.  No, we don't keep the lights on 24 hours a day, but the streetlights outside may cast enough light so that you can see the cam at night.  But, the camera isn't great on colors (especially with the vertical bars of the cage).  Just so you know, her whole cage is gray.
  • This is technology - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  We're always working to make this better - stay tuned!

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