Hello, my name is Dizzy Pottomus Novak!  I am a Quaker Parrot, otherwise known as a "Little Green Chicken."  I was hatched July 21, 1998 and became the owner of Nathan and Alicea Novak, in October of that year.  I refer to them as my Daddy and Mommy, because they take such good care of me!  Check out what I am doing right now on the DizzyCam!

I practice human speech and have a fairly good vocabulary.  Some of my words...

  • Up (while sticking my foot in the air)
  • Come on (with different levels of enthusiasm - I yell this.)
  • Come 'ere (I yell this one as well)
  • Good Morning (usually said at night)
  • Pretty Bird (actually, pretty Birrrrrrrrrrrd)
  • What?
  • Huh?
  • Dizzy No!
  • Hi (high pitch and excited)
  • I love you
  • Buh Bye (or Say Buh Bye)
  • Night Night
  • Kiss Kiss 
  • What the hell (daddy's fault)
  • It's okay (whispering)
  • Go Potty
  • No Bite (when I'm trying to bite)
  • Daddy

I am always practicing new stuff, but Mommy and Daddy can't always understand me.  I also make a lot of noises, I whistle, do two different kinds of raspberries, laugh (just like mommy), meow, give numerous types of kisses, and woo woo!  While they are at work, I yell at the birds outside, and listen to Jazz (I was named after the great Dizzy Gillespie).  I love to make up my own jazz solos with the music, and am pretty good at it, if I do say so myself.  I also like to torment Mommy and Daddy by confusing them.  I love to tell them to "come 'ere" and then I'll put up my foot like I want up....but (hehehe, this is good) I just stand there!  I also try to keep Daddy in a lovey mood - I called him over the other day saying "come 'ere" and he said "what's up Diz" and I said "kiss kiss...<smooch smooch>!"  Well, I need to go play with my toys.  Buh bye!


Here's some pictures that I let Daddy take of me so I could get some more exposure to the world!  Click on the thumbnails (or talons!) to see the big picture.  Hope you enjoy!
Sometimes you just have to ATTACK!!!

Merry Christmas to me!!!  (btw - I'm SPOILED!)

There's one thing that can bring mortal enemies together....cheesecake!
That other bird is Kelly - she lives at Grandma's.  I try to make friends, but she hates me cause I am bigger (and she's a wuss).


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